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I am a makeup instructor based in Dublin. I was struggling with getting traffic to my website, because my niche is quite saturated. Thanks to LinksHero, I realized that I didn't need to blog every single day to attract people. After their work I started receiving referral traffic, which brought me real clients. I would recommend their service to anyone.


Grrreat! Let's Talk Backlinks Then...

If you are looking for a quality white hat link building service, then I am proud to welcome you at Linkshero. 😎

My name is Artem and I used to hate link building.

I used to be a content guy, but I realized that I need quality backlinks when I got smacked by Google in 2017.

I then had to fall in love with this daunting process if I wanted to make things work.

I needed to do it fast...and so I did.

Today I will show you how I run our white hat link building service and explain to you exactly how it’s done (and how it shouldn’t be done).

Keep on reading as if your business depended on it...because it does! 🙂

What Link Building REALLY Is?

Before I got in a BIG white hat game, I would always find some marketers offering their tips and tricks on how to build links.

  • Blog commenting
  • Tiered link building
  • Spun content
  • PBNs…

Link building seemed like an extremely scammy (and spammy) activity which I couldn’t get my head around.

It was always about tricks that worked only for some time…

Now that I work with fairly big companies in different niches (supplements, travel, medicine...), I understand how all those tricks are extremely dangerous.

If you are looking for long-term success, there is just no way you can risk your entire business using shady tricks that can get you in trouble.

It’s like what Nassim Taleb ("Black Swan" etc) wrote:

Consider a turkey that is fed every day...
Every single feeding will firm up the bird's belief that it is the general rule of life to be fed every day by friendly members of the human race 'looking out for its best interests,' as a politician would say.
On the afternoon of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, something unexpected will happen to the turkey. It will incur a revision of belief.

You don’t want to be THIS (i.e. you don’t want to be affected by a “black swan”):

So this brings me to this simple (yet complicated) question about what link building really is...or, better said, what link building should be all about.

Link building consists of finding and contacting people that are likely to be interested in your content for the purpose of promoting that content, your website and your business as a result.

Now that we got this out of the way, let’s move on! 😉

​Must Read: How We Don’t Build Links

​If you are an e-commerce store or just have sales page/s on your website, then naturally you’d want to build links to those so that they rank higher in Google.

I got news for you - this won’t happen.

There are 2 main reasons for that.

  • First, building links to sales pages is a waste of time and resources.
    People, as a rule, don’t link to sales pages (exceptions...there are always exceptions) because they just don’t want you to become rich and run away with all the millions!
  • Second, and this is huge if you want to sell through Google (which is essentially another medium which you are bound by), you must pay them.
    Time for examples! 😉

Here is a typical e-commerce keyword you could have targeted if you had a supplement business - “whey protein for weight loss”.

Let’s look through the results that Google spits out (I highlighted them according to the type which came to be 4 result sets).

Result Set #1: Sponsored e-commerce results

These are your e-commerce pages that you’d probably want to build links to hoping they would rank...and waste time & money.


If you want to sell right away, you will have to pay big G for ad space.


Result Set #2: Featured Snippet

Also called “Position/Rank 0” is a result Google generates from one of the top-10 organic results, which it picks based on a number of factors.

Is it an e-commerce/sales page that’s featured?

It’s not 😉

This is “Above the Fold” by the way, but let’s not stop here and scroll down.

Here is what SERPs look like here:

Result Set #3: “People also ask”

These are long-tail queries that people also tend to ask...using voice search.

Voice search is already massive and it will continue to grow because it’s cool (it is).

Here is a perspective for you, and this is what the majority of business owners don’t know/understand yet - Google is your new competitor.Results like this don’t exactly encourage people to click at all.

They “google” something, but never click on any results because...Google showed them everything they need!

Here is the estimate of "No-click searches" done by Ahrefs:

Out of 100 people that use our example query, 33, on average, don’t click through to any results!

33% is even not that bad, but it’s still alarming - how do you sell to someone...that’s not even there?

Hint - this is when Linkshero comes in 😎

But let’s look at the final result set first…

Result Set #4: Organic Informational Search Results

No sales pages here either.

All of these are informational “How to guides” which naturally have more content and attract links a lot easier.

They are what Google wants to rank because:

  • Google can’t (and unlikely will) substitute truly in-depth detailed guide.
  • They don’t directly get into Google’s ad revenue pocket as info-related pages are not exactly conversion-oriented.

Ok, if buying ads is the only way to get sales pages on Google’s first page, why do link building at all?!

I thought you’d never ask…keep on reading!

How We Build Backlinks at Linkshero

I often say that a website is like a house.

For the house to hold the roof, it needs to have a solid foundation and strong walls.

A website’s foundation is its hosting, technical SEO...and its “walls” are the content that it has.

Did you know that Google ranks individual pages and doesn’t look at the overall site’s DR/DA?

Well, that’s absolute rubbish or, as Rand Fishkin (former Moz) calls it, “Semantic Bu**sh*t”! 

Here is what's going on above.

Rand's wife (Geraldine) posted a duplicate of her original post on Medium and included a link back to the original on her blog using rel="canonical".

This should supposedly tell Google which of the two pieces is the original, which should technically indicate the ranking priority.

Medium has a MASSIVE DR/DA (both at 93) and, even a gazillion of links Geraldine's original post has (196 (!) referring domains at the TOW) don't get it to #1 in SERPs.

In other words, her original piece does not outrank a duplicate (which has a proper canonical attribute included BUT is a much stronger domain), which is crazy.

This is a super important thing to know (I want to stress its importance once again as it took me a while to understand that myself).

So, do you already get the direction I am pointing you towards? 🙂

Nah...I tend to be too discrete with these things so here is what I am actually trying to say:

  1. Google doesn’t allow your sales pages on its first page organically - TRUE.
  2. Google answers simple queries without requiring people to actually click through to a website - TRUE.
  3. Google is full of BS and a website’s overall DR/DA (they obviously have their own metric) is important for SERPs - TRUE.
  4. DR/DA is directly affected by both, quantity and quality, of the links that your ENTIRE website gets - TRUE.
  5. Google loves in-depth informational content - TRUE.
  6. Building links to informational (i.e. non-sales) content is a lot easier - TRUE.

With all these in mind, it’s time to finally show you how we build links at Linkshero (with some real-world examples).

Our process is extremely simple and consists of 3 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Create amazing content
  • Step 2: Build links to it
  • Step 3: Rinse & repeat

Let’s go over each step in more details.

Step 1: Create amazing content

As I work with more and more clients in different industries I see one common MASSIVE problem - they don’t have any amazing content.

Now, “amazing” is a crappy KPI, but if you want to put a metric on it (all you data heads), go with links per URL.

Here is a piece that I created in spring 2017:

Yes, I did link building for it back then, but this new DR 93 (!) link appeared there on its own - I didn’t do anything for it.

This is what naturally happens with elite content - people are “awed” and “wowed” by it.

They share it.

They link to it.

In white hat link building, we call this type of content “linkable assets”.

A linkable asset is anything that’s link-worthy.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • In-depth expert guides
  • Infographics
  • Unique data
  • Research
  • Something cool and outstanding
  • News & newsjacking

Step 2: Build links to it

​I am proud to say that we build 100% white hat links via a process called blogger outreach.

We basically look for anyone that might be interested in a content piece we just created and send them a cute email letting them know about that.

The link building techniques that we primarily use are:

  • Resource page link building
  • Broken link building
  • Link roundups
  • Competitor link building
  • Guestographics

There is no magic here - it’s a game of (smart) numbers.

The trick is to make those numbers work for you and your business.

I won’t be honest if I said that every single piece of content that we create results in awesome links.

White hat link building campaigns flop.

For example, recently we created a massive protein guide for an e-commerce client (you can now tell why I used protein e-commerce examples above, eh 😉 ).

Getting links for that didn’t quite work (we struggled through and got 2 links eventually for the budget that we had), but fast forward 3 months to May (2018) and here we are at 4 links!

Nice, but that’s not the end of story!

The article shows up #8 in local SERPs for its primary keyword (which is uber-competitive I might add).

So even though I wouldn’t call that our best shot, we still succeeded (probably telling you about our failures is not the best way to sell our service, but I don’t care - I am real).

Step 3: Rinse & repeat

A linkable asset has its limitations - there is as much leads we can find and reach to.

Once that number (even fairly massive at times) is done, we need a new linkable asset.

And so the cycle of creating amazing content and building white hat links to it continues…

The Burning Question...

Ok Artem, that sounds cool, but how does link building help me sell more of my product/service?

Awesome question!

And here are the answers.

Grow Your Tribe

As you build more and more quality content that your audience loves and finds genuinely helpful, good things start happening - they become familiar with your brand.

They stick.

And eventually...they buy! 😎

Link building increases your exposure to the world, it helps to rank your awesome quality content so it reaches more people and grows your authority.

Once you get traffic, you are the king!

You can do anything with it.

Capture leads using a lead magnet and use remarketing for increasing brand awareness, traffic and sales.

This is particularly functional for e-commerce products and some services.

Become Oversubsribed

As you grow your customer base, you may discover that you only wish to work with X amount of people in any given time.

So instead of growing bigger and worrying about where to get the clients from, you focus on the vital few - the ones you want to work with.

If you want to learn about other ways link building can catapult your business into success, get in touch!

And now let's talk business...

White Hat Link Building Packages

Please do not be scared by the word "package" because all it does is grouping our service into a measurable framework - onboarding a new client is a process which is not worth going to if they only want 5 links...

Our entire process is manual and 100% white hat.

In fact, we don't even buy links from webmasters putting a premium on them in order to pocket the difference from you (tbh, that would be a lot easier but we don't do it because it's against Google's TOS).

100% white hat quality backlinks.



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to 3 Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • 200 pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of 10 backlinks



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to 3 Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • 400 pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of 20 backlinks



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to X Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • X pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of X backlinks

We used LinksHero and it gave results

I was looking for some SEO advice for business development of our company in engineering sector and, given that I knew Artem for his affiliate marketing experience, I reached out to him (LinksHero). Even though he doesn't offer full package SEO service, he went an extra mile to explain us what needs to be done. Great service. I recommend it.

PASCAL SCHULZE  //  Via Google Reviews for LinksHero SEO Consultancy

What Makes LinksHero Different From Other Link Building SEO Agencies?

A conventional SEO agency is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

LinksHero is only focused on what improves your SERPs and brings you traffic...link building

100% White Hat

We have a priest-like team that lives by White Hat Bible. We also go to SEO Church and wash our hat every 2 days, so it's white. We mean that.

100% Transparent

We share our outreach emails with you, our Big Brother. We can even show you how we do things.
Yes, we are that transparent.

100% Guarantee

For guest posts, we promise link placement for 12 months.
If it disappears, we replace it for free.
Yes, we are that legit.

100% Relevant

It's not only about authority and rankings. Relevance matters a lot and during our outreach campaigns we look for just that - relevance.

We Use It Ourselves

We currently offer three things - blogger outreach, article writing and guest posting. We believe in our services 100% and use all of them.

100% Quality

No PBNs, no 2.0s, no Tiers, no article directories, no other spammy scam. Only real sites with real traffic. We are 100% White Hat & Transparent.

I used LinksHero and it gave results

Full disclosure - I knew Artem (the founder of LinksHero) for a long time.
His traffic success with SteakEat.com (he hit 130,000 unique monthly visitors at a time) showed me that he knows his stuff.

When I was launching my site - zafferanozaffiro.com - I used his service from the very start and it proved itself once again.
I recommend LinksHero and will use it again for sure!

ALESSANDRO NICOLETTI  //  Founder of Zafferano Zaffiro

Why don't you price links according to their DR/DA like everyone else does?

What kind of links do I actually get?

What is DR/DA?

Why DR/DA Do Not Necessarily Matter?

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