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45.29% Traffic Increase!

Here is How We Build Top Quality White Hat Links for Clients

If you are familiar with SEO, you know that link building is the essential part of it and “it’s here to stay”.

In other words, if you want better rankings, you need to build links.

In this guide, I show how to build quality backlinks using our very own real example with a 45.29% organic traffic increase.

I also show how we do it all @ LinksHero & what happens if you become our client.

Let’s kick off! 😎


I started creating my websites in 2012. My primary website,, peaked at 130,000 unique monthly visitors. Recently I started taking on clients for my white hat link building services here, at LinksHero.

Artem the LinksHero




How We Build Links @ LinksHero


Did you hear about what happened to Tom Cruise?

Yeap, he got hit by the “Maccabees” Google update.

Most likely, Tom couldn’t care less about that…his business doesn’t depend on his organic website traffic (it would be funny if directors were actually Googling for “best actor to film mission impossible”).

Now, imagine for a second that you are Tom Cruise, the plumber (just happened to have the same name), and all the traffic you lost means that you have a lot fewer clients (maaaan, that celebrity plumber is in demand! 😀 )

I would feel pretty bad if I saw THAT kind of Analytics report.

So, if you don’t want to be like Tom Cruise, the plumber, you need to follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Have “WOW” Content

Do you ever link to crap?

I doubt that.

Everything starts with unique remarkable content.

When we build links, we use any link-worthy content you might already have or we help you to create it – that helps us to get best links for you!

Step 2: Find Those That Will Love It

You can’t just publish an article and wait for traffic – you have to find those that will love it & TELL THEM about it.

Our experienced team sieves the Internet looking for real, relevant websites that are very likely to be interested in your content.

Step 3: Reach Out & Get Your Backlinks!

After all the quality assessment, we finally reach out to them, follow up, negotiate…all that until we get best links for you 😎

 Getting results after all this hard work is my favorite part of the process (obviously, right?)


Very Quick Intro & Results (Teaser)

The client is The notorious travel niche.

It’s an accommodation website targeting Iran’s short-term rental market.

Their business model is identical to Airbnb.

After we finished working, their traffic went up by 45.29%, but…that’s only part of the story because the main benefit came from “free clients” that booked with them after reading what we created for them.

Read on!



LinksHero’s Story

Here I am, enjoying the lifestyle!

Before I started this link building business, I was only into creating affiliate websites and lifestyle business.

I wasn’t into actively building links at the time, but I bought some services only to discover (not immediately, but months later) that they were pretty bad…to say the least.

Unknowingly, I bought the shady stuff:

  • Fooled by the “go to SEO metric” called DA (Domain Authority – can be easily inflated by scammy link building).
  • PBNs (which are Private Blog Networks)
  • Linkwheels
  • Tiered link building
  • Excessive blog commenting


All that black/gray hat stuff didn’t do good to my rankings.

After trying a few options, I realized I couldn’t trust anyone…what were they doing after all? What was their process like?

Having all of this experience myself I want to show you how we build links at LinksHero…using a real example from a former client.

Read on! 🙂



5 Stages of Link Building

Traffic rose by 45.29% not because we were lucky. It rose because we planned things well and took action.

And here is what we did.


Stage 1: “If You Failed to Prepare, Then Prepare to Fail”

This is a quote our business teacher had in his room back when I studied in Dublin. It works.

A thorough look at InnIran’s website didn’t leave me happy – there was no truly awesome content that would “wow” the audience.

After a thorough discussion with the client (it took some time to convince them), I had their “YES”.

What next?


Every time there is a need for some great content, Ahrefs’ Content Explorer is the first place I visit.

Basically, it shows what worked in the past.

 Good artists copy, great artists still.


Pablo Picasso

After a substantial brainstorming session we figured it out – it was the Iran Travel Guide that we needed!


LinksHero’s Setup

Content planning is already quite an advanced stage.

Before actually diving in there, we also do the following.


1. Ahrefs Backlink Analysis

The already mentioned Ahrefs is a top class SEO tool, which is simply the best for everything that has to do with link building.

It gives us a lot of valuable information that can often help us to boost your rankings for certain keywords right away:

  • Backlink Portfolio. What sort of sites are linking to you? Do you need link disavowal (something I had to go through with my sites? We check that before doing any link building.
  • Anchor Text Ratios. This is what follows after the above. We assess your anchors and compare them to those that your top ranking competitors have. We also fix those by “pillowing” links in order to dilute any excessive optimization. Yes, your site can be over-optimized!
  • Best Pages. We also look at your


2. Search Console & Analytics

Your Google Analytics and Search Console are invaluable as they help us to build keyword queries that we must use for outreach purposes.

They also tell us if there are any quick wins that we could explore (i.e. these are keywords that usually rank somewhere between position 5 and 20 in search results).

We may also suggest updating some of the content that’s already existing (only this, at times, can boost your pages right to the top…imagine when we build some links to it! 😉 )

Sometimes pages receive a lot of impressions, but never get clicked on…we fix that. 😎


Stage 2: Publishing “WOW” Content

I wrapped up the planning stage by doing a massive keyword analysis and article architecture planning.

Almost every single detail had to be in our travel guide, so not only typical Visa information was there, but I also planned for things like “what to wear in Iran”, phone/internet connection and even requirements in case you’d wish to bring your pet with you (by the way, you shouldn’t – it’s a hassle).

I am not going to go into detail regarding that here, but my keyword research came from:

  • Competitors
  • Keyword Researcher Pro (that’s a paid tool)
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Google Autosuggest

All that took quite a while, but eventually, the article was published!

One important thing you need to be aware of – formatting of the article is almost as important as the content itself.

No one loves reading a wall of text. It must be easy to digest.


LinksHero on “Linkable Assets”

In link building, any piece of content that deserves links and gets them naturally is called “linkable asset”.

When we get you on board, we analyze your site, looking for those linkable assets.

Here are some typical examples:

  • Unique research
  • Interactive tool
  • Funny stuff (cat videos can work)
  • Infographics
  • Expert guides
  • Any other remarkable stuff people would link to (e.g. crazy news)

A successful website with high authority would ultimately have a number of those linkable assets.

They would basically show Google that you are a well-rounded trustworthy resource that deserves good rankings and traffic.


Stage 3: Prospecting & Finding Opportunities


This is where link building actually starts happening. 😎

After the travel guide got published, I had to find those people that would be interested in it. In link building terms this is called “prospecting”.

Who might like the guide? Who might be interested in it?

Again, the best way to find those is to think of Pablo Picasso and…yeap, check the competitors:

  • Wikitravel
  • Lonely Planet
  • National Geographic


All of the above are InnIran’s competitors that have thorough travel resources dedicated to Iran travel.

This is when Ahrefs comes in handy.

After plugging in their URLs in the tool, we can quickly find pretty much all the websites that linked to them.

There are 3 main caveats though:

  • Some of those websites are rubbish, so we don’t want to even include them in our outreach campaign.
  • Not all of those websites are worth spending time on because they won’t reply (e.g. I often choose to not include news sites).
  • Conversion rates aren’t massive with an average value being somewhere between 5 and 10 percent, so if we want 5 links, we need to contact 100 (!) people.


Another link type I used for the campaign was “resource pages”.

A resource page is a page that basically lists helpful links and resources for a particular topic.

Just like with competitor prospecting, resource pages have their caveats. Most of them are:

  • Those pages that we find must be relevant to traveling and Iran.
  • They shouldn’t be spammy (i.e. have more than 50 outgoing links)
  • They shouldn’t be scammy (e.g. part of a PBN)
  • They shouldn’t be Web 2.0 (e.g. Blogspot)
  • They shouldn’t be reciprocal (i.e. I give you a link if you give me a link)

How to find these prospects?

This is when we use Google’s advanced search operators.

Anything on the internet has its footprint.

Resources, for example, typically include “resources” or “links” in the URL name.

Here is a query that we would use in order to find any resources that are relevant to traveling to Iran:

iran travel inurl:resources

iran travel inurl:links

We basically tell Google that we want to see pages that have something to do with traveling to Iran, while have “resources” or “links” in their URLs.

Keeping things organized is extremely important, so everything we do is recorded in a Google Spreadsheet.


LinksHero on Link Types

There are quite a few different link types, but we primarily work with the following 5:

  1. Guest Posts (GPs). When done right, GPs are a powerful way to make new connections, expose yourself to a new audience, grow your credibility and…build links.
  2. Resource Pages. As mentioned above, are magnets for quality linkable assets.
  3. Competitor Links. Also mentioned above…competitor links can be quick wins and we use them regularly.
  4. Guestographics. Difficult industries can benefit from something remarkable and an infographic that we design can be a powerful way to build links. All we need is to pitch it to a relevant website and get a link!
  5. Link Roundups. Similar to resource pages, link roundups are posts that webmasters create on weekly/monthly/yearly/etc basis. If we have a powerful article, we could pitch it to them and get a link back.


We also use other strategies that include (but are not limited to):

  • Broken link building
  • Skyscraper method
  • Moving man method
  • Directory links
  • Sponsored posts
  • Link reclamation

Having said that, Pareto’s Principle always applies and we tend to use the first 5 the most.


Stage 4: Prospector Outreach

Once we had a substantial amount of quality pre-qualified relevant prospects to contact, we started the outreach campaign.

I sent personalized emails at scale using Mailshake, which is a great affordable tool for just that – sending outreach emails.

Its beauty is in automatic follow-ups, which the software sends in case we don’t get a reply.

Obviously, I didn’t want to harass our prospects with 15 messages about Iran…3 emails (1 initial email + 2 follow-ups) are more than enough to do the job. If they want to reply (or forgot to reply), they almost certainly would do that if they are actually interested.

How to pitch a link?

Great question!

Here are 5 of the most important tips I want to share with you after sending thousands of emails:

  1. Never pitch a link right away. You need to soft sell whatever great you have built or put together. If you are pitching a guest post, tell them why they want to have you as a writer (e.g. mention your credentials).
  2. Include your link in the 1st follow-up. Once I ran a campaign and there was a powerful site that never actually replied to any of my messages. After few days the campaign was finished, I found my link on their resources page – they took it from my 1st follow-up email, where I included it for a reference.
  3. Offer more and more value as you follow up. We love trying to add more content to our prospects side in return for a link…our rationale is that their content is dated and would benefit from our input (we check for thin content during the negotiation stage of our outreach).
  4. Be personal and caring. Try to personalize as much as possible and always try to be nice and caring. Sometimes you just don’t know who is on the opposite side of the Internet, eh? 😉
  5. Don’t rush it – just keep going. A few days ago we got a powerful link…it took around 45 days of negotiation (and us following up every 5-7 days; we were nice but “reminding” 😀 )


Having said all this, link building is a game of numbers.

It means, you have to send quite a lot of emails before you see something like this:




LinksHero on Outreach

If you thought that link prospecting is a daunting process, let me tell you that the outreach stage is like 3 times more demanding because…well…we are dealing with people!

Sometimes people are confused about what we are asking them, sometimes they forget to reply, sometimes they want something else…

If we actually want to actually earn those links, we need to have everything organized.

This is why we use Google’s Spreadsheets.

We keep everything that’s necessary for a campaign at our fingertips.

Here is a glimpse into this kind of database that we have for a client of ours:

Client Link Building Database

Here is how we keep things organized...

Check it out!


P.S. The last tab shows all the links that we secured for them so far.



Stage 5: Getting Links (but not only)

Indeed, blogger outreach and white hat link building take a lot of time and effort, but there are no shortcuts in this business.

Every single link we earn is fully deserved…in fact, it’s not just a link – it’s a new friend.

Building a long-term business is like building a house – it needs a solid foundation (and loads of friends to come visit it).

Of course, your website’s foundation should all be about top class content and reputable links pointing to it, but that’s not all…as ultimately it’s all about people and our relations with them. 😉


How do you think our Iran travel guide ranks after 6 months it’s been published?

At the time of writing, it ranked #10 from Berlin, where I am currently located (I used Chrome’s incognito window and searched for “iran travel guide” via “”), but don’t take my word for it – Google it!

Even though it’s not #1, I consider it a huge success, given that I had a tiny budget and all those “monsters” (e.g. National Geographic) around.


Hire Us

You can look through LinksHero and find everything you need to build a powerful link building machine…

However, if you need any link building service for your business (or your wife’s/husband’s business), we can do it all for you.

Here is what the current prices are:




  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to 3 Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • 200 pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of 10 backlinks



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to 3 Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • 400 pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of 20 backlinks



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to X Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • X pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of X backlinks


Full disclosure – I knew Artem (the founder of LinksHero) for a long time. His traffic success with (he hit 130,000 unique monthly visitors at a time) showed me that he knows his stuff. When I was launching my site – – I used his service from the very start and it proved itself once again. I recommend LinksHero and will use it again for sure!

Alessandro Nicoletti,

Zafferano Zaffiro


45.29% – Here Is How to Increase Traffic to a Website!

This is the full version of the case study I showed above – not only did we build some awesome quality links, but we also increased their revenue (and decreased their reliance on Google Adwords).

See the Entire Case Study!


OK, Why LinksHero?


We Build 100% White Hat Links

We build links using 100% white hat method – blogger outreach.

So if you are looking for tiered link building, PBNs, buying links and other shady stuff, please leave NOW – you are wasting your time here!





Simple Result-Based Payment

Often, negotiating links takes quite a while before we actually get them (talking about 30+ days here).

We don’t charge you for all that time.

We also don’t charge you based on the DA/DR like many other link builders do.

You only pay for what you get – relevant quality backlinks that build your site’s authority. 😉


Our Reporting is Very Simple & Right to the Point

Any moment in time you have access to everything we are doing.

You see the leads we find and the links we ultimately get you.

All that 24/7!



Like what you see? Get In Touch with LinksHero! ->


FACT: Link building is a notoriously shady & intransparent business:


…so I decided to show pretty much EVERYTHING from “behind the scenes”…


See How We Build Links

Our Service Inside Out



So, Boss, Shall We Start Building You Links?




  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to 3 Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • 200 pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of 10 backlinks



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to 3 Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • 400 pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of 20 backlinks



  • Manual Link Prospecting
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Up to X Follow-Ups
  • Placement & Tracking
  • X pre-qualified leads
  • A minimum of X backlinks


We Are Good Link Builders

Here is what happens when we actually get you as a client.

First (and this is essential), we do a crazy happy dance – we really celebrate You as our client.

Right after that, Artem, just like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, gives a motivational talk cheering up the whole team, shouting “WHIIIITE HAAAAAAAT!” at the end of it (he takes it seriously).

After that, we actually start working and this is what we do.


We Know What a “Good Link” Looks Like

A link is a link, right? Not anymore…good ol’ days are over. This is why we use these SEO metrics for the assessment:

  1. Domain Rating (DR). Both of these metrics indicate the overall domain power.
  2. URL Rating (UR). Signals the strength of a given page.
  3. Referring Domains. Is the # of unique websites linking to the website.
  4. Traffic. Shows whether the site has an audience.
  5. Link Profile. We analyze whether the site doesn’t manipulate any of the above.’ We mostly use Ahrefs, Semrush & SimilarWeb, SEO market-leading tools, for this analysis.

With all these taken care of, we know we do a good job.



We Find Link Prospects Manually

Armed with knowledge and experience a small team of people we go out there in the wild and look for link building opportunities.

We call these – link prospects.

Link prospects can include competitors, guest posts, resources, roundups, broken links etc.

Once our team members find quality opportunities, they record their details in Google Spreadsheet document, which is shared with the rest of the team. You also get access to a separate reporting sheet, where you see all the updates live.

The details included in that sheet are URLs, contact information, type of link and a few other things.

Our process is well-organized and easy to scale.


We Reach Out to Each Prospect Manually

Nobody wants to give links “just because”. This is why many SEOs buy links…

We don’t, because we only believe in link earning. The earning process requires both, amazing resource (i.e. a linkable asset) AND amazing outreach.

We don’t spam people.

We reach out to our pre-qualified prospects using exclusively manual personalized outreach.

This process can be very tedious and time-consuming because there is a lot of negotiation involved, but eventually, we get results.

With 1000s emails sent, we know what works best.

Our team is very good at getting your link placed.


We Report In a Transparent Manner

Link building is a notoriously shady industry and there are many agencies that would hide the actual process from their clients (simply because they may be using grey/black hat techniques).

At LinksHero we open everything up – everything we do is very transparent. Here is where you see all the live links.

You can literally see every move and action we undertake.

We create a shared document on Google Drive, which you can access at any moment in order to see our progress, current and scheduled tasks, as well as any links we secured for your business.

We also provide a detailed report at the end of each month, where you can see it all at once.


With the Focus on the Long-Run Success

We want to explicitly mention that we are results-driven with the focus on the long-run.

This means that we don’t follow any shady link building techniques that may give you immediate results but may get you in trouble with the next Google’s Algo update.

We are exclusively focused on creating real value and earning links the white hat way.

We have helped different clients in different niches…we can help you too!



So, Boss, I Ask You Again...

Shall We Start Building You Links?


Contact LinksHero


P.S. If you have any questions, just get in touch – we are fun to deal with!