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Resource page link building is one of the professional link building service for Ecommerce websites that I offer.

It's safe and fast...
In fact, we regularly use this technique for pushing high competition keywords onto the first page of Google.

And now I am going to explain how it all works. 😎


Resource Page Link Building

These are link pages that some webmasters create in order to provide their visitors with top-rated resources that are relevant to them.

Here is what a typical resource page looks like:

All of the above links are pointing to external websites that offer some form of remarkable content (if you are into football, I bet you'd click on something 😉 ).

Resource page link building is safe to use and scale - at Linkshero, we use it all the time!


Ideal Type of Content for Resource Page Link Building

There are many types of content that fit resource page well but the 2 core pieces that work all the time are:


Ok, What Are Our Next Steps?

Here is what you will go through, should you decide to give it a try:

P.S. During the entire outreach campaign you will have an access to a reporting sheet which you can always check for the new links pouring in.

Here is what it looks like:



How long does the campaign take to run?

Depending on our load and your co-operativeness, we can start almost immediately after the payment is received.
We reserve approximately 7 days to finish the lead preparation part and start with the outreach right away.

The 2 follow-ups are sent every 3 days from then on, so the "sending process" takes approximately 7 more business days.

The rest of it is reply management and link negotiations (sometimes that involves quite a lot of back N forth communication and reminders before we get it).

This brings the entire campaign to the absolute minimum of 21 business days.

Please note that negotiations are the lengthiest part and we did run into situations of following up for 45 days before we finally got the link placed (the person said yes initially but they got busy then so we were patiently pinging them during all that time).


What are the websites that might link to me?

The websites that will link to you will have some relevance to your niche (we do use 'bridging' from relevant niches as well).

They will all be real and quality (we don't do shady stuff).


How many links will I get?

There are many factors in place bu the conversion rates fluctuates between 1% and 10%, meaning that for every 100 resource pages that we ping, you'd get anywhere between 1 and 10 links (with 3 being the average).

Please note that we don't guarantee the outcome with this service but we will do our best to get you there (that's why we do initial content assessment - we don't want to waste your money and our effort).


What is "manual personalization"?

For every lead that we find we have:

The goal of manual personalization is all about making sure to have the above as complete as possible - this helps with actually getting the links BIG time.


What is "3 Email attempts for each"?

The majority of links come from...follow-ups.

This is why it's extremely important to kindly remind people without pushing them too much (so we are still friends).

This is why we have 3 email attempts for every lead we find:

This email structure helps to maximize the number of resource links we get from each and every campaign.

Each of those emails is very personalized and very relevant.


Do you guarantee a certain DR/DA?

In reality, we end up having quite a number of different DR/DAs so this evens out.
Here is an example of what a typical set of results looks like:

As you can see, the first link we got live (at the time) was a DR 27.
The 'tiniest' DR link was 5 and the 'biggest' DR was 42.

This is just as natural as it can get because if you are only getting DR 40+ links to your's just suspicious.


What is "No PBNs or other spam/scam" and "No web 2.0s"?

PBNs are Private Blog Networks which is a spammy technique of ranking sites that Google doesn't like.

Web 2.0s are blog-like sites that anyone can have access to (e.g. links coming from Blogspot or Livejounal) etc.

These are typical manipulation-based techniques that are not focused on providing value but rather on tricking Google's algo (which is already insanely smart).


P.S. We do some custom things but we need you to reach out first.

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