August 5, 2019

100% White Hat Link Building Campaign Stats

If you always wondered just how hard is it to build outreach-based links (without paying $$$ for them), you will find this post pretty interesting.

We offer link building for Ecommerce websites and have this one client - (see the case study) - that we have been building links for quite some time, so I decided to look back and see some numbers of just how the campaign looks like.

Wanna check 'em out? 😉


Link Building Campaign Stats

When it comes to paying for links, my link building service is adamant - we never spend a dime on doing that.

But after I looked at the data, I thought to myself...maybe we should?

We sent a total of 20,643 letters (including follow-ups) to 8,110 prospects and received a quote on whooping 176 occasions (50 came from DR50+ websites).

Given that we only earned 41 backlink, 176 seems like a crazy number - can you see how much easier it would be if we just paid...

Right, so...

To get those 8,110 prospects filtered and personalized we spent 113h 22m (which is slightly over 1 minute per filtered, personalized, ready-to-send prospect).

We also got 1,807 replies where a form of negotiation started, so we spent, at least, 51 hours on reply management.

At the same time, we received 1,265 replies with a clear "No" - people weren't interested to hear from us.


Fun Facts

It took us, on average, 3 days and 3 emails to get a link Live.
Obviously, we got some exceptions, when links would either go Live on the same day OR we'd have to follow-up with folks for 45+ days to get it through.


The Morale + What You Should Be Doing

There is a shit ton of written content out there.

If you want to succeed and grow quickly, you really need to focus on producing something that has some connection with what's happening out there NOW.

Check out this video of mine for an example coming from Rand Fishkin's wife - Geraldine DeRuiter.

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