August 21, 2018

359,155 Users Over 171 Days (aka "40+ Links Later" Case Study)

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Boss, if you are still thinking whether you should try my link building services company, get in touch and let's dissect your doubts.

That’s exactly what our super client, Antonio Santa Maria De La Cruz, did in March, 2018.

We spoke for only 15 minutes.

And he wired the money right away.

171 days and 40+ (white hat) links later we have a very impressive list of 359,155 unique visitors.

So was it worth the investment? (It was)

Let’s get to details.


About Antonio’s Business

Antonio operates in a quickly emerging highly competitive space.

CBD oil.

His website was fairly new when he came to us.

The good part…

He already knew that white hat outreach requires outstanding content.

The best part…

He is a true expert in the field and already produced a bunch of solid linkable assets (LAs).

We used them extensively for resource, competitor and broken link building.


Side Note

The absence of great content is the #1 reason websites don’t get links.

People don’t give a flying pig about websites unless they are useful or remarkable in some way.

Creating a linkable asset IS difficult and there is a degree of randomness involved – it doesn’t always work.

Get on a call with us and we can help you with creating a killer linkable asset for free.


Our Game Plan

At Linkshero we normally operate at 10/15-link placements per month.

So we decided to break these down roughly in half between linkable assets and guest posts.

We ended up with 4 guest posts and 6 links from LAs in the first month (and the idea was the same for the consecutive months).

The result was to follow.


Key Link Data

  • Average links built per month: 10
  • Total links built during the period: 40+ (some are still in the "Agreed" state)
  • Link types used: guest posting, resource pages, broken & competitor link building


To Summarize

We work with real businesses that want to grow in the long-run.

These guys trust us and our legit white hat methods big time.

This is not the end of our work with Antonio (hence I can’t give away the website).

But we already saw a steady authority and traffic growth.

Is that enough to justify the investment into our link building service?

It certainly is for Antonio (otherwise he’d go somewhere else, right?).


P.S. We expect another marvelous leap for Antonio’s website coming soon – watch the updates 😉

P.P.S. Let's get You growing meantime - talk to us. 😉

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